Our Mission and Principles

Our Mission and Principles


Bishop Kearney High School empowers young women to develop their unique gifts by offering an excellent education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus, imbued with Catholic teaching and tradition, and animated by the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.


We, the faculty and staff of Bishop Kearney High School, invite students to discover and live the following values which have been the basis of our philosophy of education for the 58 years of Kearney’s history:

  • ESTABLISH an environment in which the Gospel values of love of God, neighbor and self, a respect for all life, and the virtue of justice are consciously and consistently taught and lived
  • EMBRACE the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph by striving to bring love, reconciliation and unity to all our endeavors.
  • FOSTER intellectual, emotional, moral, physical and spiritual growth through a well-rounded curriculum along with varied extra- and co-curricular activities thereby nurturing each student’s full potential through self-discovery.
  • EMPOWER young women to resist stereotypes and actions that belittle them by promoting positive roles and fostering respect and equality for all.
  • PROVIDE students with the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education and successful careers.
  • DEVELOP a love of learning which will allow our graduates to continue to grow throughout their entire lives.

As a community, we, the faculty and staff of Bishop Kearney, strive to teach and live as Jesus. We invite our students to grow through an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus while we nurture in this community those Christian values which are the foundation for full participation in both the Church and in society.