Spiritual Life

Kearney Students are Women of Faith

As a school sponsored by the Sisters of St.Joseph, we believe that the education of young women involves the complete human person; cultivating harmony between the body and soul as willed and created by our Divine Father.

Teaching Theology– learning about God and the things of God
In accordance to our Catholic tradition, students will see how God slowly revealed His Divine
Nature to humanity over the course of hundreds of years.  They will see how and why we trust in
a God of forgiveness, of power, of mercy, and see how God loves freedom, is loyal to us, listens
to us and has established a personal relationship with us.

Nurturing Spirituality– the experience and expressions of an interpersonal relationship with God
Spirituality in high school means fostering a personal and prayerful relationship between God and all members of the community. In following Jesus Christ’s footsteps, communal relationships and a spirit of hospitality throughout the school lie at the heart of our endeavors.  In living out the CSJ’s mission of unity, reconciliation and unifying Love, the Campus Ministry Office coordinates and provides opportunities for both students and faculty/staff to encounter God in prayer experiences, liturgies, retreats, celebrations of the Sacraments, observances of liturgical seasons and the Catholic Faith/Teachings.

Promoting Service– the loving response to the needs of others
Students are encouraged to build relationships with others by sharing their gifts and talents in witnessing and ministering to the needs of others through service projects.  Putting faith in social-justice actions bring about the Reign of God. Click here to see student service projects.

CSJ Students Leaders– students have an opportunity to attend a day, an overnight or a three day workshop on deepening an understanding of the goals and mission of being a member of a school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The CSJ Student Leader Workshop and the CSJ It Forward Workshop fosters ways of proclaiming the message of inclusive love, unity, reconciliation and reverence for all creation. These students suggest and share ways they can bring about compassionate justice though love, non-violence, and peace.

Retreat Experiences - days of retreat are offered for all students.

The progression of these retreats is designed to meet the young women "where they are" developmentally in social and spiritual contexts. The freshman and sophomore retreats focus primarily upon identity and friendship, while juniors and seniors build from there to focus more fully upon spiritual life and service to others. It provides students of every faith and creed the opportunity to ask the pertinent questions about their lives and to find some answers that can help them begin anew and renew their relationship with God.