Business & Computer Science

Today's global society demands that our students understand the nature and expectations of today’s ever-changing business world and the impact of technology on business. Through business and computer science courses, students will:

  • Acquire the technology skills needed both for college and career readiness.
  • Identify key differences between the applications and protocols of personal computer use AND the applications and protocols of professional computer use.
  • Evidence their knowledge of standard business and communication skills.
  • Develop the confidence and agility required for active problem-solving, researching, and self-teaching so that they are accustomed to learning emerging technologies independently in order to remain current and maximize productivity.

Courses in this area align to the overarching Common Core goals that compel students to hone the critical, creative and collaborative skills necessary for lifelong learning and real-world success.

Computer Science courses are affiliated with Project Lead the Way, the nation’s premier STEM-focused organization; PLTW CS courses are hands-on, project-based courses designed to empower students to become creators, instead of merely consumers, of the technology around them.