Today’s world demands that students be articulate, literate and creative problem-solvers. The English Department is designed to meet the needs of all students offering a range of courses for varied abilities, including a strong Honors Program which emphasizes critical thinking and which can culminate in the taking of an Advanced Placement English course. Following the direction of the New York State Board of Regents, students in all courses are challenged to meet the new Common Core Standards of Language Arts. Beginning with a humanities-based program designed in conjunction with the Social Studies Department, students start their course of study reading closely from a wide range of both contemporary and traditional literature. They continue to study World, British and American literatures and are expected to read broadly and write critically throughout their four years. Students complete a variety of curriculum-driven assessments, evidencing mastery of commencement-level skills and take the Common Core ELA Examination in January of their junior year.

  • Students are encouraged to enter many contests to develop and display their writing proficiency.
  • Kearney students participate in Poetry Month, a department run project which culminates in a student run exhibition of original poetry. 
  • In April, students participate in our annual Shakespeare contest. Students compete against each other by memorizing and delivering a soliloquy to a panel of judges.
  • Students have the opportunity to obtain college credit, in addition to Advanced Placement credit, through our Bridge Program. 
  • A goal in each course is to integrate technology with the English curriculum so that students become aware of its uses in many aspects of our courses. 
  • Each course relies heavily on critical thinking skills so that our students are prepared to meet today's challenges. 
  • The English Department believes that writing goes hand-in-hand with reading; therefore, each course incorporates both on a daily basis. 
  • Each teacher is mindful of teaching the whole student. This means that each course is tailed to meet the needs of individual students so that all can excel to the best of her ability.