Graduation Requirements

Requirements for the Bishop Kearney NYS Regents Diploma:

To remain in good standing at Bishop Kearney, a student is required to complete a program that includes at least six credits each year, including Catholic Studies and Physical Education. Completion of programs means that a passing mark must be obtained. 

Catholic Studies - 2 credits

English - 4 credits (English Regents)

Social Studies - 4 credits (Global AND U.S. History Regents)

*Global I (1), Global II (1), US History (1), Economics (0.5), Participation in Government (0.5)*

Science - 3 credits (1 Science Regents)

Mathematics - 3 credits (1 Math Regents)

Language - 2 credits 

Art and/or Music  - 1 credit

Health - 0.5 credit 

Physical Education - 2 credits

Electives - 1.5 credits 


TOTAL CREDITS.........................................23 credits


Additional Requirements: 

Christian Service - 90 hours minimum

Technology Assessment - Yearly Passing Grade 


Advanced Regents Diploma: 

For an Advanced Regents Diploma – Students must complete all requirements for a Regents Diploma, plus the following:  

  • Pass all THREE Math Regents Exams (Integrated Algebra Regents, Geometry Regents, Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents) 
  • Pass a total of TWO Science Regents Exams (Living Environment Regents and Chemistry, Earth Science, OR Physics Regents)
  • THREE credits in Foreign Language, plus three-year comprehensive Foreign Language examination.

For an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors – The average of all Regents exam grades required for an Advanced Regents Diploma must be 90% or above.


Senior participation in Commencement, Senior Activities, and the Senior Prom are based on the fulfillment of the following.


Absences can have an impact on grades