Library/Media Center

The Library Media Center houses about 16,000 books, over 500 non-print media items, including CDs, DVDs, audio-visual equipment, (TVs, VCRs, tape recorders, CD players, and DVD players) all cataloged and accessible for group and individual instruction.

Open from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 96 students can be accommodated.

The Library Media Center subscribes to 15 periodicals and newspapers. Back copies of all magazines, which are indexed in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, are stored in our workroom for student use.

The Book collection is fully automated. The Library Media Center is on a network system that includes eight computer workstations with the on-line public access catalog. World Book, Britannica and Grolier Encyclopedia online, as well as SIRS Online (Social Issues Resource Series – containing Researcher, overnment Reporter, Renaissance, Web Select); Historical New York Times and Encarta.

A Library Management System is set up at the Main Desk providing for fast and accurate circulation of the collection as well as statistical reports.

A full time Media Specialist and a full time Assistant Librarian assist in the operation of the Bishop Kearney Library Media Center which is a member of the American Library Association, NY State Library Association, NY City School Library Association, National Catholic Library Association and the Brooklyn/Long Island Unit of CLA.