Jeannine Bardo '80

Jeannine Bardo '80

Jeannine Bardo is a Brooklyn born artist, curator and art educator. She received her BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts and completed both a Masters in Art Education and a Masters in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. She is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on humanity's connections to the natural world. Bardo is the founder and artistic director of Stand a large-scale curatorial project centered on social engagement that is based in the Bay Ridge community. She is a contributing art writer and member of galleryell, a participating artist and juror for SAW before becoming a board member and a participant of ART21 Educators.

Jeannine graduated from Bishop Kearney High School in 1980. She was interested in art throughout her life and gained the skills she needed to complete her portfolio and be accepted into School of Visual Arts for undergraduate studies.

“I have so many fond memories of my time at Bishop Kearney and the friendships I made in school have endured. I felt like I was in a place that was like a second home. Even though education was important, the Kearney community made room for the whole student and that made my tenure in Kearney special. It was school, but it was fun. I was learning, but I was allowed to be myself. The Kearney spirit was an anomaly and it came from the teachers who cared and the students who loved being there.”

Jeannine’s on-going project Stand focuses on the power of community. The goal of Stand is to connect the diverse groups of people living in the Bay Ridge community by highlighting their history and culture in the places that they learn, work, eat, shop, play and pray.

“I am an artist, art educator, curator, community activist and a mother. These are my talents and my passions. My artistic practice is inspired by our intrinsic connections to each other and our environment. I am driven by my belief in how strong these connections are and how our actions make a difference no matter how small. I want to make a difference in a positive way for my children, my students and my community that in some small way will make a difference in this crazy world. I truly believe that my experience at Bishop Kearney planted the seed in me to work towards strengthening community”