Medaille Program

The Mission of Father Medaille

Father Jean Pierre Medaille, S.J., the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph, directed the first sisters to express their love of neighbor by going into the streets of the city, determining the needs of the people, and doing something about it. In this spirit of love of neighbor, Bishop Kearney offers the Medaille Program for students with learning needs identified by an IEP (individual educational plan).

Regents Diploma, Advanced Courses

Students in the Medaille Program have earned Advanced Regents diplomas and have participated in advanced courses such as physics, anatomy and physiology, as well as AP Psychology. Students in the Medaille Program have received acceptances and scholarships from well-known colleges including Iona College, Sacred Heart University, and Mount St. Mary College.


All students earn a Bishop Kearney Diploma, which meets all criteria set forth by the New York State Board of Regents, and qualifies graduates to enter a four-year college program. In addition to participating in all regular courses, additional services are available based on the student’s IEP:

  • Scheduled support and study skills sessions
  • Strategies to master the curriculum content
  • Techniques appropriate for unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Collaboration of classroom and Medaille teachers in providing academic adaptations and modifications
  • Individual modifications and extended time on all tests

All students are an integral part of the Bishop Kearney Community and are encouraged to take part in all extra- and co-curricular activities.

To apply:

  • Take the TACHS Exam using code #002
    • Students who are eligible for extended time must complete the proper form in September
  • Schedule and complete a student/family interview with an administrator through the Office of Admissions
  • Bring the following to the interview:
    • Current IEP
    • Most recent report card or last year’s transcript
    • Teacher recommendation letter
    • A one page, hand-written writing sample about why you want to attend Bishop Kearney


The Medaille Program has really helped me grow as a student. It has given me the courage and confidence to attack any obstacle or challenge I may face. Without the Medaille Program at Bishop Kearney, I would not be given the chance to excel in my academics as much as I have.”  - Class of 2018 graduate