The Class of 2021 has been exploring New York City this summer! This week, the students visited The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York City's only educational institution housed on an aircraft carrier. As they went around the museum, they learned about the science behind the different aircraft, as well as their impact on World War II and the Cold War. The tour concluded with an autobiographical simulator experience of the Intrepid.

Earlier this summer the students visited the Freedom Tower, going to the 102nd floor.  On the elevator ride to the top, they watched over 500 years of New York evolution in under 60 seconds. The panoramic views on the observation deck were truly spectacular. After lunch they spent time by the Memorial’s twin reflecting pools.

Members of the Class of 2021 also took a sightseeing bus tour through the Upper West Side and Midtown Manhattan.  The students learned about the rich history and architecture of these neighborhoods, as well as where celebrities live including Tom Brady and Cameron Diaz.  After the tour the students enjoyed lunch at Bryant Park.

These trips not only provide an opportunity for the Class of 2021 to visit cultural venues but at the same time make friends with their new classmates.  Next week the students will be visiting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Follow us on instagram for LIVE updates at bishopkearneybrooklyn