Ms. Conte's art classes were asked which woman in history they would like to invite to tea?  Each student chose a woman that inspired her and created a tea cup collage which combined visual imagery, text and history. 

All month long WBKS has been celebrating Women's History Month, paying tribute to women for their accomplishments and the positive influence they have made in today's society.

Ms. Herron's junior and senior classes were asked to research a woman author. Part of their research, in addition to a paper, was to create a poster that listed important facts and an interesting quote from their woman author.

Students from Mrs. Giarracca's freshman Italian classes were asked to choose an Italian woman that "Changed the World".  They designed tee shirts with illustrations of the women and their accomplishments.

Ms. Rogers' AP American History students each chose a woman from Ann Shen's work, Bad Girls Throughout History, and designed a tee shirt reflecting the woman they chose. Some chose politicians, artists, authors, actresses, musicians or scientists who they found interesting, or, had simply never heard of but wanted to learn more about them. The girls wore their shirts to school proudly, and presented their research to their classmates.