On Thursday, November 1, the Kearney community gathered together to celebrate All Saints Day Mass at St. Athanasius with Msgr. Cassato as the celebrant.  After Mass, the students gathered in the gym for the launch of the Project Based Learning Initiative on South Africa.

Dr. Minson began the assembly with a slide presentation of her trip to South Africa, which included a visit with the students and faculty of Sacred Heart College. The slide presentation also included pictures of the South African Supreme Court, the Apartheid Museum, Soweto where the anti-Apartheid uprising began, and the Old Fort Prison Complex where Nelson Mandela was convicted of treason and given a sentence of life imprisonment.   

Students, faculty and staff watched a portion of The Color of Friendship, a film based on real life events in the 1970s.  The movie centers on the friendship between two girls, Mahree from Apartheid South Africa, and Piper from the United States; the girls learn from each other about tolerance and friendship.

After lunch, the Kearney students watched the students of Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg pose questions about their lives in New York.  Kearney students were divided into groups of 20, and with guidance from a teacher, worked to answer some of the Sacred Heart students’ questions.  Their responses were recorded and sent to the students at Sacred Heart College, facilitating further discussion between the partner schools. 

“Our goal with this initiative is to expose our students to a part of the world they might not otherwise know about,” said Dr. Minson.  “We also want them to strengthen their active learning skills.”