Students felt excited and empowered during our monthly Professional Day assembly, April 4. Three dynamic speakers spoke on the theme of “Diversity and Inclusion,” sharing their stories and encouraging students to live their faith, champion each other and follow their passions.

Assistant director of multicultural student affairs at St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, Maliek Sterrett helped students better understand the meaning of “inclusion” and taught them to do a “heart check” to examine their views and see where their hearts need to be opened.

Frank and funny, Liz Faublas, anchor of Currents News (NET-TV), spoke about her faith, family and path to becoming a journalist. She advised Kearney women to have confidence, recognize the strength of their diversity and always lift each other to new heights.

Sister Mary Ann Ambrose, C.S.J., pastoral assistant at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Kensington, challenged young women to be claim their rightful place in the Church today. She also introduced students to Gracie, her licensed therapy dog, and spoke about their ministry helping seniors and children with special needs.

Students had a chance to pet Gracie as they returned to their classes with a fresh perspective on who they are and who they are called to be.