Kearney Salutes Student Athletes!

Over 200 parents, coaches, and members of the Bishop Kearney community gathered at Buckley’s to celebrate the Kearney student athletes.

Awards were presented to outstanding athletes at the dinner, including 41 who received the Student Athlete Award for maintaining an average of 90% or more, while participating in sports.

In addition, the following special awards were awarded to the top athletes of the year (pictured above):

  • The Edward Madden Memorial Award for Athlete of the Year awarded to Emily Bosiacki
  • The Sister Virginia Lake Award for Religious Beliefs, Humanitarianism, and Sportsmanship awarded to Valentina Acevedo
  • The Theresa Whitty Award – Kearney #1 Fan Award awarded to Anne Baghdadi
  • The Erin Quinlan Memorial Award for Outstanding Kearney Spirit in Athletics awarded toAlyssa Vazquez
  • The Deborah Lovett Award for Courage, Dedication and Leadership awarded toNicole Pazarecki
  • The Sister Geraldine Woods Award for Outstanding Christian Leadership in Athletics awarded to Colleen Gallagher

Many thanks to our Athletic Director, Jessica Parker, student athletic chairperson, Nicole Pazarecki, and all who helped make this event so special.

Kearney Salutes Student Athletes!