WBKS, Student-Run Television Station

WBKS, Bishop Kearney's student-run television station launched during the 1993- 1994 school year, has made Bishop Kearney a leading school for teaching communication, broadcast journalism, media, and marketing. More than 20 years later, Bishop Kearney is still at the forefront of offering advanced technology and career preparation to young women.

Students in WBKS broadcast a daily morning show covering the school announcements and local and worldwide news. In addition, students display their own creativity when they bring in their own fun facts for Wacky Wednesday or show a clip of a popular band or television show from their childhood on Throwback Thursdays. Click here to see episodes of our morning show.

In 2015, 21st Century Fox donated over $100,000 in equipment and training bringing hands-on real world experience into our very own studio. In a large studio such as Fox, the control room and studio are in separate rooms and staff communicates via headphones. Fox 5 professionals set up a similar operation at Kearney. Currently, our students use state of the art equipment and have the capacity to run top notch shows.

Either as anchors, technical directors, audio, or floor managers, each student works collaboratively to present a high quality news show. The students have been able to visit Fox studios and see Good Day New York first hand and meet Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly, and their special guests Bernadette Peters and Omi.

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Fox 5 NY: March 2017

Fox News Channel: January 2017

Fox 5 NY: May 2016

Fox 5 NY: June 2015


Members of Fox 5 NY visit Bishop Kearney regularly to further our training. 


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Alumnae in the Broadcast Industry

Kelli Arena '81, Executive Director at Global Center for Journalism and Democracy, Former CNN Correspondent and Anchor

How did Bishop Kearney help prepare you for your career?

"My teachers at Kearney encouraged me to ask questions, to debate, and to draw my own conclusions. Those critical thinking skills serve me well to this day."


Christina Stoffo '99, Reporter for Z100 KTU & Q104 and WNYW Fox 5

How did Bishop Kearney help prepare you for your career?

"Bishop Kearney taught me the writing and communication skills needed to really thrive as a broadcaster. Kearney also taught me how to be a confident female, which is a trait you need if you want to make it in this business."


Eileen Lehpamer '95, Reporter at News 12 Long Island

What do you love most about your job?

"I love my job because every day I learn something new. Literally, I will be assigned a story and have to immediately research and figure out what is going on. I often meet people who touch my life, and I feel truly blessed to have the career I always wanted."


Deborah Aquila '76, Casting Director at Aquila Wood Casting, Founder of Aquila Morong Studio for Actors

What advice would you give to students who are interested in pursuing a career in media?

"Be excited about the world in which you live! Read! Read! Read! Novels, plays, critical commentary, The NY Times! See as many films as you can - all types of film - not just the commercial fare but foreign film, independent film, documentaries. Go to the theater as much as you can. Never stop exploring ideas."